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Friday, March 1, 2013

What's the song playing in the square in "Groundhog Day"?

Search: groundhog day song square band has begun

Why: A few days ago, Chandler looked at me and said, "It's Groundhog Day." After a moment, I said, "I... don't think you know when Groundhog Day is." Because it was almost a month ago. His phone had sent him an alert to tell him it was Groundhog Day. Though we later determined that this was an old alert caused by an incomplete update, it didn't explain why, at 33, Chandler doesn't know when Groundhog Day is...

But that's irrelephant. The next morning, I was trying to sing that song from the major motion picture Groundhog Day, but found it difficult because I don't know the words. Not "I Got You Babe" -

- not that one. Obviously. The one that they play in Gobbler's Knob. To my brain, it sounds something like, "Wake up - the music - the band has begun - dum dum dum dum - another day for poking."

Answer: "Pennsylvania Polka"!

Lyrics go like:
Strike up the music, the band has begun
The Pennsylvania Polka
Pick out your partner, and join in the fun
The Pennsylvania Polka
It started in Scranton, it's now Number 1
It's bound to entertain ya
Everybody has a mania
To do the polka from Pennsylvania
While they're dancing
Everybody's cares are quickly gone
Sweet romancing
This goes on and on until the dawn
They're so carefree
Gay with laughter, happy as can be
They stop to have a beer
Then the crowd begins to cheer
They kiss, and then they start to dance again
That's some joyful noise.

Source: LyricSet

The More You Know: Two things:

1. Punxsutawney is probably spelled differently than you think. In fact, I spelled it wrong in this post about the first Groundhog Day more than 2 years ago. (Leaving unedited for posterity.)

2. According to the Internet, "Pennsylvania Polka" was performed by Frankie Yankovic, who, according to the Internet, is known as "America's Polka King." He is not related to Weird Al Yankovic, who is also known for making polka medleys - such as "Polka Your Eyes Out," which was on an album I acquired in 3rd grade:

This one from 2011 is called "Polka Face":

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