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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How far back does your fingernail start?

: fingernail start

Why: On Saturday, while trying to read some of the new miserable emo graffiti on the Elliott Smith wall outside Malo, I slammed my finger in my car door. I haven't had this kind of injury since 8th grade, when Blair Perry slammed my finger in his locker (except in 11th-grade, when Emory Strother slammed Rachel Briggs's trunk shut on my hand and severed a nerve in my finger, but that was a little different - though Chandler had to unlock and open the door for this one, too). Anyway, today it looks like this:
It's not that swollen anymore, but do you see the weird ridge? It is kind of gross to think that might be the back end of my fingernail.

: Ew, it totally is. It looks like it's the "dorsal roof" poking up out of my skin. Sick.

There sure are a lot of parts of the fingernail. Translated from gobbledygook:
Translated from gobbledygook:
In the border that is below the cuticle we find the root of the fingernail, its birth, this zone comes from a more whitish color than the rest of the nail and we observed a zone of half moon. At this zone the skin that coats the fingernail has two faces and is called cuticle, it has an inner face and the other one is external and its function is to protect the root of the nail.

The fingernails are formed in the same way of the skin, his principal component is the keratin, the principal difference between the skin and the fingernail is the percentage of water, the first one contains a 85 % and the fingernail only a 12%.

: Dr. Nelson's Fingernail and Fingertip Fungus Infections, Yenis Abella Dual Nail Systems

The More You Know: It could be worse. In 8th grade, I ended up having to have holes lasered into my nail so the blood would drain out. Then the whole nail popped off. All the boys were watching.
And in 11th grade, I had to have actual surgery. So this isn't so bad.


joel said...

emory strother

kylie said...

i couldn't get through this post. #toogross

Girl Domestic said...

why is carly so good at math?
I don't know, why?
Because she's great at crunching digits.

Josh Roberts said...

Now you're just making up people's names.

Carly said...

My finger looks so much grosser this week, everyone.

Anonymous said...


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