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Monday, August 29, 2011

What kind of plant is this?

: desk plants

Why: I recently moved to a window seat on the west side of my office. At about 3:30 every day, the sun gets over the top of the building and sets my whole desk on fire. At least the ocean is pretty.

Anyway, I got a plant, but I don't know what it is or how to take care of it. All the lady told me was to "be careful; sun that hot will burn anything in its path." It has longish green leaves with points, and the centers of some of them are yellow or white with speckles.

Answer: It's a dieffenbachia, aka "dumb cane"! I think!
(I first thought it was an aglaonema, but I realize now that I was wrong. Dead wrong.)
The dumb cane needs:
  • Moist soil, so water frequently or mist (check)
  • Moderate to low lighting (erm)
  • To be within 5-8 feet of a window (...)
No problem; I can just move it to the other side my desk when the sun shows up. My desk is unreasonably long, I think even longer than my body. And let's be honest: it will be dead soon no matter what I do. The only plant we've been able to keep alive at home is the growth shooting out of an old onion in the fruit bowl.

Who wants to suggest a different kind of desk plant that I can leave in the full sun of a west-facing window?

Source: Sterling Gardens (Neenah, WI), Houseplant Care Tips

The More You Know: Like many houseplants, the dieffenbachia is poisonous to dogs. You know what else is poisonous to dogs? Beef jerky. Bella chewed through a bag of it the other night and spent all of yesterday barely able to lift her head (except to diarrhea).


Melissa said...

Who is that puppeh?!? And why has it not appeared on 2pz?

Carly said...

Bella is Chandler's young lady! Great idea - I'll bust out the camera on her real good

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