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Thursday, July 7, 2011

What's a logopaed?

: logopaed

Why: In this Photo Gallery: Children of the Russian Rich that Lindsay posted:
Nikita and Alina at the Italian Embassy, Moscow 2009: "During the photo shoot Nikita told me that I should visit a logopaed. When I asked him what a logopaed was, he blushed and turned away."
Answer: A speech therapist! It looks like it's a Croatian word.

Well, that's rude.

Source: All-Biz

The More You Know: I want to be a child of the Russian rich.
Roman at the Tattoo Parlor, Moscow, 2009: "At the photo shoot, he told me he prefers older girls like Natasha, a 26-year-old stylist. Girls at his age, he says, only cry and are too busy squealing all the time."
Jacob Shooting at Ballerinas, Moscow 2009: "When I came to Jacob’s room, he was sitting on the bed. There was a collection of weapons, mostly Kalashnikovs, real ones, next to him. He picked up an old machine pistol that had been used during the Second World War and pretended to shoot at the ballerinas twirling on the TV screen."
Arina in Her Garage, Moscow 2009: "Arina is standing in front of her father’s vintage car collection. She told me beforehand she wanted to look like Catherine Deneuve."
The book Little Adults by photographer Anna Skladmann will be in stores in July.

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