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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Where have I seen Megan Bailey before?

: the one with the cheap wedding dress

Why: I haven't posted about "Friends" in a while, but believe you me, it's not because I haven't been watching. Megan Bailey threatens to sign the Swing Kings the weekend of Monica's wedding if she doesn't give her the dress they both want. Yipe!

Answer: "Seinfeld"! That actress's name is Andrea Bendewald, and she is Celia, George's convict in "The Little Jerry." She does the break-out/pop-in.
She is apparently old friends with Jennifer Aniston and was a bridesmaid in her wedding to Brad Pitt. They starred together in The Thin Pink Line in 1998.

Source: IMDb

The More You Know: BUT! the truth is that I was thinking she played Ashley Bartlett Bacon in While You Were Sleeping, which I have, for some reason, seen like 2 dozen times. Turns out that actress Ally Walker plays Pammy Pam Pam-ela in Singles, which I have seen like 6 dozen times (one of them just last week). Twins, no?
Not really.

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