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Saturday, January 1, 2011

I want to see the clip of Steve Coogan impersonating Michael Caine

: "very loud indeed" michael caine

Why: Leigh can't stop doing it. Srsly.
Answer: Here is the clip. It is Steve Coogan (who maybe you know [I do] from Hamlet 2) and Rob Brydon from their show "The Trip":
Source: YouTube

The More You Know: And here is my transcriptions / script. You're welcome:
ROB - I say: Michael Caine used to talk like this in the 1960s, right? But that has changed. And I said: Over the years, Michael's voice has come down several octaves. Let me finish. And all of the cigars and the brandy - don't / let me finish - can now be heard - I'm not fucking finished - in the back of the voice, In the voice now... I'm still. not. finished. The voice –

STEVE - Because you’re panicking.

ROB - Because you look like you're about to bloody talk! Let me finish. Right, so, Michael Caine's voice now, in the Batman movies, and in Harry… Brown, I can't go fast, because Michael Caine talks very... very... slowly.

STEVE - Well this is how Michael Caine speaks: Michael Caine speaks through his nose like that. It gets very very specific, it's very like that. When it gets loudly, it gets very loud indeed. It gets very specific, it's not quite nasal enough the way you're doin it. Alright, you're not quite doin it the way he speaks. You're not doin it with the kind of - and you don't do the broken voice, when he gets very emotional, when he gets very emotional indeed. She was only 16 years old. She was only 16 - You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off! That's Michael Caine.

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