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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What is Jakob Nowell up to?

: jakob nowell

Why: He is the son of Bradley Nowell (the guy from Sublime), born in June of 1995. (Brad died of a heroin overdose May 25, 1996(1996-05-25)). Last time I saw this kid, he looked like this:
Answer: He's in high school in San Diego! And wearing a mohawk! According to the Internet's resident expert on Sublime:
Jake is now 16 or 17 and he plays guitar but has no plans (as far as I know) to start a band & he's not in one as of yet. He and Troy (who has since remarried.) live in San Diego. They usually come up to Brad's headstone on his anniversary so you might be able to catch them there sometime.

For the most part, they just keep a low profile,.... Jake's just going to school and Troy's just doing the "Mom" thing. At one point, she had a little store down there but I think she has since closed it down.

Jake sports a Mohawk, Troy's still got mad style, and they both just want respect for Bradley & for his legacy to be respected as it should be.
Here is a [tacky?] video of Jakob and his mom Troy visiting Brad's grave in 2009:
Source: AllExperts

The More You Know: Sublime was on tour this year! with some guy named Rome Ramirez! calling themselves "Sublime with Rome"! Eh?
Here is how widow and child feel about that:
As far as the whole "sublime with Rome" thing goes,... at first, they were adamantly against it(as well as the Nowell family) because they all didn't want the name that Brad OWNED (and had copyrighted) to be disrespected, however, they all reached an amicable settlement which included the stipulation that they could not go on tour (or sell merchandise)under ONLY the name "sublime"; they had to (and HAVE to) use "Sublime with Rome".


alex said...

my friends are the ones that recorded the video of jakob and troy

Anonymous said...

I hope when your friends grow up they write a letter of apology to Troy & especially to Jakob. The young man is visiting the headstone of a father who died while he was an infant. A father who was a famous musician who is the subject of countless tribute albums, videos, books, websites, etc. To him it must seem so unfair, like the whole world knew & loved his father EXCEPT him - his only son. He has probably dealt with countless emotions from anger to grief to pride to jealousy to loss over the father he has no personal memories of, but who's life & work & image & voice & impact on OTHERS is constantly around him.

And so when, in Troy's words, they come to this man's headstone for the 1st time in 7 years, they are met by a bunch of giggling teenagers with cameras saying things like "this is so tight" & "you should pick up where your dad left off." How crass, insensitive, & invasive. I'm not angry at your friends because I guess we were all those things at 15 or whatever but still, it saddens me that such a meaningful moment in Jakob's life was trampled upon in such a way. Rather than allowing Jakob to have every possible moment of that experience be about him, his late father & his family your friends decided to make it about themselves. Too bad

Rest in peace Brad; & Jakob I hope you already have or soon will find your peace with who & what your dad was to so many including you, & who & what he wasn't to you. We love you.

Anonymous said...

Dead set....Fair enough you guys are fans, but have some bloody decorum. You can see that Jakob is not keen on the whole idea from the start. Just let the poor kid grow up and live his own life... Keep on truckin' Jakob.

Anonymous said...

I was immediately saddened when I kept hearing people 'squee' in the background. Sure, it'd be nice to meet them, but the first anon got it right. Brad's gravesite? Really? So disrespectful. I can't imagine what Jakob feels when things like that happen, let alone (literally) right on top of his father's headstone.

Jakob, I hope you get the very best in life!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He proud that 15 years after his dads death his dads words still touch the hearts of so manny. it may be a little distastfull to rush the famliy as soon as thay pull up and not let them have a minet at the grave sight but it was all in the love of the man who never knew the inpact his songs ment to the masses. If his son ever reads this dont dwell on the past time will go on without all of us ,jest know you are your own light and from the pics ive seen you were your fathers world . Peace to you and your famliy

Anonymous said...

I too was horrified to see these idiots disrespect this family in this way.

Anonymous said...

In fairness, Troy did show up posters and stuff. So, she must have anticipated fans being there. She is so thoughtful. God bless you all and rest in peace Brad. I love you music.

Anonymous said...

Typically I would agree with everyone saying they were not overly classy by being there. It seems to me like they were well prepared for it. ie posters and records.

Anonymous said...

That was the rudest and most inhumane thing I've ever seen. My Dad died when I was a infant too and if some one did that too me while I went to visit him I would be devastated and wanting to hurt someone. I hope someone ruins something for you that you are really dear too. Idiots!!

Anonymous said...

So i believe it is fine to go brads gravesite but respect troy and jakob. really come on people. if you wanna show your respect, sympathy, admiration, words of wisdom (based on your intelligence and interpertation) or ideals...Then do it correctly and respectivley and tastefully..i.e. letters, blogs, websites, collages, etc...

Anonymous said...

This also happens when you go Visit Elvis,Hendrix,Keith moon I mean why woud they take poster and stuff to give away? I'm pretty sure they were prepared for something like that ... Fans will always be fans

Anonymous said...

Im sure it makes him feel good to know that his dad was loved by so many.

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