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Thursday, October 14, 2010

What does the lead singer of Passion Pit look like?

: passion pit; Michael Angelakos

Why: I am listening to "Seaweed Song." That's a high-ass voice.
Answer: Oh, just like a guy. His name is Michael Angelakos and he is from Buffalo.
Source: Wikipedia, Google Images

The More You Know: Who else is going to see The Morning Benders tonight? Show of hands.


kylie said...

OMG YOU ARE SO LUCKY! morning benders are just the best!!

i'm going on nov 18. i've seen them once, but can't wait to see them again. did you love it? how were they? tell me everything.

Carly said...

It was great. They are just about the cutest band on earth. They had 2 opening bands, and while one (The Cults) was OK, the other (Twin Sister) was the worst thing I'd ever seen / heard.

A high point was leading the whole crowd through the ba-da-dums in "Excuses." I bet they do that every time. They should.

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