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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What's the song on that Kleenex commercial?

: "share it with you," "with me i'll share it with you" lyrics, kleenex commercial song 2010; "meet me at the lunchtime bell"

: I just saw it when I turned on "Little House on the Prairie." I thought it was part of the show:
Answer: IDFK! I can't find it anywhere! Help me, Internet!

Lyrics go like:
Beneath the stairwell, you're smiling - I can tell
Gonna meet me at the lunchtime bell
Long division can't split us in two
We'll share the day, I'll share it with you
Share it with me, I'll share it with you
UPDATE! 7/26!! The commercial was made by SOUTH Music and Sound Design, who creates "original music and sound design for TV, Film, advertising, interactive work, and basically any other media/forum you can think of." Look at their Facebook page! (They made Nannerpus. Fun fact: I was in the room when they filmed that.) Thanks Richard for the info!

On Facebook, they posted:
SOUTH MSD No full length exists at the moment, but we're trying to get that to happen soon. Stay tuned.
Source: Livedash

The More You Know
: Some are guessing Dawn Landes. What do you think?


Bonnie said...

I'd LOVE to find out the name of that song, too!! Thank you in advance!

Anonymous said...

Is there a record for this song.

Bonnie said...

That I don't know, Anonymous...I googled it and could find no kind of information on it.

Prnt Scrn said...

hey looks like it was from this band and only for the commercial:

Anonymous said...

so does that means that theres no song? and if there is its like unavailable?.....I REALLY WANT THE SONG!!!!!:(

beau said...

It sounds a lot like Karen O from the White Stripes, who went solo - listen to her samples from "Where The Wild Things Are" CD:

Carly said...

Karen O is from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, not the White Stripes

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Dawn Landes. She sings straight lines which is featured in a chrysler commercial.

Anonymous said...

It sounds more like Kimya Dawson (The Moldy Peaches) than Karen O to me. Hah. It's lame that no full version of the song exists. :/

Alexander said...

It sounds like Dawn Landes to me

HellBlazerRaiser said...

I love the commercial and the song!!!

Is there an mp3 of the song anywhere? Is there even a full length version?

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Regina Spektor, in my opinion.

NSBchef said...

Mindy Smith maybe???

Anonymous said...

Darn....I love that little tune. I was really hoping there was a full song I could purchase. One can only hope that one will be produced. Sigh...........

Anonymous said...

Jacques Dutronc - Mini Mini Mini

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