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Sunday, May 16, 2010

What's the origin of the slang term "corny"?

: corny etymology

Why: In this NY Mag article about "Modern Family" that Joel posted on 2Pz:
The show’s tricky mandate is to merge the heartfelt with the incisive, often within a single scene. That means finding fresh angles on corny topics (like parenting and marriage) and skirting the risks inherent in comic types like the fiery Latina.
Answer: Maybs:
Amer.Eng. slang "old-fashioned, sentimental," is from 1932 (first attested in "Melody Maker"), perhaps originally "something appealing to country folk."
Source: EtymOnline

The More You Know: Are you watching "Modern Family"? You should be. It comes on Wednesdays.

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