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Thursday, May 13, 2010

What terrible things happened to Roy Orbison?

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Why: I am listening to the Traveling Wilburys song "Handle With Care." I remember reading a while ago that Roy Orbison had a pretty shitty time of it.
Travelling Wilbury's - Handle Me With Care

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Answer: Oof:
  • November 1964 - Divorced due to his wife's infidelities
  • June 1966 - Wife (he remarried the same one) instantly killed when hit by a semi
  • September 1968 - His house burned down, killing his 2 eldest sons
He also put out an album that sold less than 200,000 copies, broke his foot falling off a motorcycle, and made a movie that was a total flop, prompting the studio to cancel his 5-movie deal.

: Wikipedia

The More You Know: What's with the sunglasses?
After leaving his thick eyeglasses on an airplane in 1962 or 1963, Orbison was forced to wear his Ray-Ban Wayfarer prescription sunglasses on stage and found that he preferred them. His biographers suggest that although he had a good sense of humor and was never morose, Orbison was very shy and suffered from severe stage fright; wearing sunglasses helped him hide somewhat from the attention.
He died in 1988.

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Ariana said...

I absolutely love Roy Orbison. I think it's because I grew up listening to him... because whenever I tell people I love his music they think I am nutty. But it's so great. Especially The Traveling Wilburys album (the first one, of course).

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