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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How far is San Francisco from the northern border of California?

: fort dick, ca

Why: Kim just called the Bay Area "Northern California," which seems weird, because - well, have you ever looked at a map?
It is, at most, maybe a third of the way down.

Answer: 365 miles, aka 6 hours 32 minutes by car! Or that is to Fort Dick, anyway, which is 15 miles south of the state line which - as far as I am concerned - is the same thing.

Also, Fort Dick is at latitude 41.868, and San Diego (at the bottom of CA) is at 32.49, which means the midpoint of California is at the 37.179 mark, here:
San Francisco is at 37.656. Just sayin.

Source: Google Maps

The More You Know: Well, turns out that if there are only 2 regions of California - Northern and Southern - then yes, San Francisco would fall into the former. Maybe it should be called just "Norther." There are 48 counties in Northern California, but only 10 in Southern California.


It is suggested that the word California may signify that it is a place that is "hot as an oven", because in Catalan, cal means "hot" and forn means "oven." (From the Latin roots calida > "hot," fornax > "oven").

Another suggested source is kali forno, an indigenous phrase meaning "high mountains."


Justin said...

while SoCal only contains 10 counties, San Bernidino is one of them and i'm pretty sure it's the biggest county in America. just sayin haha.

and what the hell do i know, i'm from NYC.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Eureka, Ca. in Humboldt County.
I love the logic of this particular blog.
I'm always a little insulted when people assume I live in SF because I say, "I live in Northern California."
But what shall we call the Bay Area? Upper Middle, CA?
I call it The City.

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