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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Where did Zenyatta get her name?

: breeders' cup

Why: I just saw a commercial for Santa Anita Park that said something like, "From Seabiscuit to Zenyatta." That's a funny name, even for a horse. It kind of sounds like "Santa Anita."

Answer: From the name of The Police album! In 2005, Zenyatta was purchased as a yearling by recording exec Jerry Moss, who co-founded A&M Records in 1962. That label signed The Police in 1978. The Police released their 3rd album, Zenyatta Mondatta, in 1980.
Zenyatta Mondatta are invented portmanteau words, hinting at Zen, at Jomo Kenyatta, at the French word for the world ("le monde") and at Reggatta, from the previous album's name, Regatta de Blanc.
"Don't Stand So Close to Me" is on it, PS.

: Wikipedia

The More You Know: This is darling, from
Strengths: Massive filly can make her own race, not needing pace help, and finishes with a flourish like few before her. She’s a picture of perfection over varying racing surfaces and circuits...

Immense talent has scared many challengers away, so she’s not well-versed against a big field of top-class rivals. Given her late-running style, she could be challenged if a big field showed up at the Grade 1 level; though she did rally to beat 11 sprinters in her maiden debut. Simply put, there are few flaws.


Anonymous said...

Let's add to some of Zenyatta's strengths: she's knock-dead gorgeous; she has a great sense of humor and loves to interact with her swooning fans; she could win a dance contest hands down; she loves her job; she is sweet-natured. What more could you ask for?


Steve G. said...

Adam Carolla has always noted that names of good racehorses also correspond with good slang names for male junk. Examples include Man O War, Seattle Slew, Black Beauty, Seabiscuit...

p.s. My word verification is "sters", which is very close to steers.

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