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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Is there a word for a male "mistress"?

: mistress male

Why: Is there? Like the man with whom a married woman has an affair?

Answer: No! The definition of mistress is:
  • woman having sexual relations on a regular basis and being supported by man not her husband
and the closest equivalent is gigolo - which doesn't mean "male prostitute," but:
  1. a man living on the earnings of or supported by a woman;
  2. a professional dancing partner or male escort
Some findings:
  • 220 English words meaning “promiscuous woman,” but only 20 for “promiscuous man”
  • 500 slang terms for “prostitute”
  • 65 slang terms for “whoremonger” and “pimp,” meaning men who sell women for sexual purposes
  • A male tramp lacks a regular job and place of residence. A female tramp is a whore.
  • Originally, master and mistress were equivalent words for persons having control or authority over others. Mistress in the sense of “a woman who employs others or has authority over servants” is from 1426. By 1430 the word had taken on the sense of “kept woman of a married man.”
Source: Daily Writing Tips

The More You Know: Katrina said something about a "mastress" or something on "How I Met Your Mother." Sounds like another reason I don't watch that show.


Katrina said...

oh pish posh, you were just tickled pink. Or was that the 25 oz beer talking?

Carly said...

Possibly the 43rd or 46th oz.

Anonymous said...

The How I Met Your Mother "mastress" reference is Ted tossing out a few ideas about what he should be called when he thinks Robin (his gf at the time) might be married. He tosses out a few ridiculous words and Barney says, "Yeah, I'm pretty sure we're gonna call you a mistress."

It's a hilarious show. You should give it a chance before knocking it because of hearsay or out-of-context word usage.

Carly said...

Ha in the 19 months since I made this post, I've seen almost every episode of "HIMYM." I watch them out of order; they're much, much better that way.

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