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Monday, January 18, 2010

I want to see a picture of a cashew tree

: cashew tree

Why: On Farmville, a cashew tree looks like this. Those things don't look like cashews:
Answer: Well huh. Tree:
Do you see it?
Source: Google Images

The More You Know: The more I know indeed! I just learned the crap out of something. "Cashew" comes from the Tupi name acajú.


kylie said...


im never eating cashews / apple poop again!

this does explain why they cost so much though...

Carly said...

Totally, they have to get individually removed from their testa sacks.

Anonymous said...

The cashew fruit is actually really tasty - better than the nut even! And you have to heat the nutshell before you can open it to get the nut out - otherwise you get covered in this liquid that burns (I tried to bite one open once - NOT a good idea)

Anonymous said...

Cashew apples are seriously delicious.

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