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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Where is Bob Hoskins from?

: bob hoskins

Why: A letter from Dan:
Dear Carly Googles,
Is Bob Hoskins British? Just watched The Long Goodbye. It's British and he's British in it. Why not? Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
(at 2:04)
Answer: He was born in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England, and is "known for playing Cockney rough diamonds, psychopaths and gangsters." Lol. Some of his charming quotations:
  • My own mum wouldn't call me pretty.
  • You don't end up with a face like this if you're hard, do ya? This comes from having too much mouth and nothing to back it up with.
  • [On director Francis Ford Coppola] Coppola couldn't piss in a pot.
Source: Wikipedia, IMDb

The More You Know: Hoskins is 5'6" (like me!!). In 1967, he lived for a while at Kibbutz Zikim in Israel. Also, I wonder what Hook would have been like if he had played Captain Hook and Dustin Hoffman had been Smee.

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