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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What's the song on the Amazon Kindle commercial?

: "my favorite one man show"

Why: I just saw it!!!! This one:
Answer: It is called "Fly Me Away" by Annie Little! Shazam!

Silver moons and paper dreams
Faded maps and shiny things
You're my favorite one-man show
A million different ways to go

Will you fly me away
Take me away with you, my love
Source: Yahoo! Answers

The More You Know: Btw, that's Annie in the commercial. From her website:
Annie Little has starred in over 40 national commercials and hit TV shows including "Mad Men," "Scrubs," and "Sabrina the Teenage Witch." As a Ford model, Little has appeared in campaigns for Estee Lauder, Nicole Miller, Murad and Levi’s. She is also the face of Shade clothing.

At Shade, Little was introduced to photographer Angela Kohler. As a result, Kohler and production partner Ithyle Griffiths, both fans of Kindle and recent Kindle owners, invited Annie to collaborate with them for an Amazon Kindle video contest, which they proceeded to shoot in a single seven hour day in July 2009. In addition to starring in the commercial Little, the past recipient of a full scholarship for Vocal Performance at the University of Utah, co-wrote and recorded the song, “Fly Me Away,” with Griffiths to accompany the finished Amazon entry.

Ultimately, the trio’s contest entry won both the Audience and the Amazon Jury prize and Little, with the help of musician Marcus Ashley and trombonist Alanna Vicente, finished recording a full length version of the Kindle commercial song.
UPDATE 4/12!! - Little also stars in the new Kindle commercial with the song "Stole My Heart," which she sings with Marcus Ashley under the name Little & Ashley. Click here for more info!

UPDATE 6/12!! - If you are looking for the new one that goes "Come On, Let's Go," that's her, too. More info right here!!

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