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Thursday, December 24, 2009

What does Josh Waitzkin look like?

: josh waitzkin

Why: In this guy's list of moments that you're "Got" (like when the movie sucks you in):
Searching for Bobby Fischer

An amazing film that no one knows about, yet it's one of my favourite films of all times and it blows me away whenever I watch it.
(which kind of bums me out because my brother and I used to say "You've lotht" and "trick or treat" on a regular basis.)

In that film (1993), he was played by Max Pomeranc:
Answer: Like this:

c. 1986 (with Bruce Pandolfini)
Source: Google Images,

The More You Know: Bobby Fischer (1943-2008), an illegitimate child whose mother was Jewish, was an outspoken anti-Semite and Holocaust denier. As an émigré fugitive from the American legal system (for a 1992 match in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, which was against UN sanctions), he once called the US "a farce controlled by dirty, hook-nosed, circumcised Jew bastards." After the Sept. 11th attacks, he proclaimed on a radio interview, "This is all wonderful news." He died seeking asylum in Iceland, where - I guess - Americans and Russian couldn't expose him to harmful radiation through his molars.

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