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Monday, December 21, 2009

I want to see a picture of Isotta Ingrid Rossellini

: isotta ingrid rossellini

Why: Micah mentioned "Green Porno" by Isabella Rossellini, and I was watching some of the new ones. (Here is my favorite about snails:)

(And here is one about whales:)
Then I read that Isabella has a twin sister.

Answer: Here she go. These gals are 57:
Their parents are Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman, doy. Isotta (she goes by Ingrid) has a Ph.D. in Italian literature from Columbia. She is a professor at NYU and has also taught at Princeton and Harvard.

Source: Google Images

The More You Know: Other celebrities who have twins who aren't famous, jicydk:
Also, Justin Timberlake had a twin sister Laura who died at birth, and Elvis Presley had a twin brother Jesse who died at birth.

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Anonymous said...

alexandra paul (baywatch) also has an identical twin who is a firefighter--looks just like her

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