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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I want to see a picture of the Hopi sun god

: Hopi sun god

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Now, I don't get a lot of email. That is to say, I don't ge
t a lot of worth while email. Lotta death threats, hate mail, and joke invitations to online singles sites (which, of course, I don't discover are 'joke' invitations until after waiting around the proposed meeting location for 4-8 hours. but hey! you never know when one might turn out to be legit!).

But today, I got this:

why am i here indeed

It clearly depicted me, looking the way I look when I'm thinking too hard about dairy. So I looked it up and it appears that I bear a striking resemblance to the Hopi sun god. I'm not sure how he or she felt about dairy but I hope I don't start getting accidentally worshipped. I've been 'worshed' before. Like, out back with the hose. You know, worshed off after I got all muddy. Never worshipped though. If nothing else, this has taught me that I should start wearing more red and yellow, as that border around my head really accentuates the pallor. Pallor if ya hear meh!

Sorry. It sounded funnier than it reads.
Answer: It looks like this:

Source: Google Images

The More You Know: Hopi people mainly live in northeastern Arizona.

A Hopi Legend of Creation

In the beginning there were only two: Tawa, the Sun God, and Spider Woman, the Earth Goddess. All the mysteries and power in the Above belonged to Tawa, while Spider Woman controlled the magic of the Below. In the Underworld, abode of the Gods, they dwelt and they were All. There was neither man nor woman, bird nor beast, no living thing until these Two willed it to be.

In time it came to them that there should be other Gods to share their labors. So Tawa divided himself and there came Muiyinwuh, God of All Life Germs; Spider Woman also divide herself so that there was Huzruiwuhti, Woman of the Hard Substances, the Goddess of all hard ornaments of wealth such as coral, turquoise, silver and shell. Huzruiwuhti became the always-bride of Tawa. They were the First Lovers and of their union there came into being those marvelous ones the Magic Twins -- Puukonhoya, the Youth, and Palunhoya, the Echo. As time unrolled there followed Hicanavaiya, Ancient of Six (the Four World Quarters, the Above and Below), Man-Eagle, the Great Plumed Serpent and many others. But Masauwhu, the Death God, did not come of these Two but was bad magic, who appeared only after the making of creatures.

And then it came about that these Two had one Thought and it was a might Thought -- that they would make the Earth to be between the Above and the Below where now lay shimmering only the Endless Waters. So they sat them side by side, swaying their beautiful bronze bodies to the pulsing music of their own great voices, making the First Magic Song, a song of rushing winds and flowing waters, a song of light and sound and life.

"I am Tawa," sang the Sun God. "I am Light. I am Life. I am Father of all that shall ever come."

"I am Kokyanwuhti," the Spider Woman crooned. "I receive Light and nourish Life. I am Mother of all that shall ever come."

"Many strange thoughts are forming in my mind -- beautiful forms of birds to float in the Above, of beasts to move upon the Earth and fish to swim in the Waters," intoned Tawa.

"Now let these things that move in the Though of Tawa appear," chanted Spider Woman, while with her slender fingers she caught up clay from beside her and made the Thoughts of Tawa take form. One by one she shaped them and laid them aside -- but they breathed not nor moved.

Cliffhanger!! Read the rest here.

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