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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How tall are the yetis in the Matterhorn?

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Why: Gavin wore a furry white sweater, and I said he should hide in the Matterhorn to scare childrens. Kat said the one in the Matterhorn is BIGGER than Gavin, who is 6'7', by the way. I said no way, those things are tiny. Then we went to Disneyland the next day obvi, and Kat agreed that those things were like 3.5, maybe 4 feet tall. Teeny. But exactly how big?

Answer: Omg I just don't believe this.
Ever since 1978, a seven-foot tall Abominable Snowman has lurked in the Matterhorn's largest cavern, roaring and waving its arms at riders as they zoom past in their bobsleds
Unless it is hunched over or something. Or they are counting its arms. Maybe.

Because in an interview on Disney and More, Imagineer Pat Burke says:
The Matterhorn Abominable Snowman served as a Gorilla in his former job in the Jungle Cruise! Part of Mark's new show for DL included the Gorilla Camp with the tents, overturned jeep and the family of gorillas unpacking and turning the camp inside out. So, the older previous tenant Gorilla vacated the DLJC. Some time later,the Matterhorn was coming down to be upgraded while we were doing the new Big Thunder in 88/89... It was also decided to put some show in the interior mostly for the Skyway buckets that passed through the Matterhorn more slowly. The Bobsleds of course at speed could see the new icy interiors and crystals about as well as the new Abominable snowman/alias Mr Gorilla that came out of retirement and put on a new suit!
Seven feet, my a.

Only if this is the world's tallest man:
Source:, Daveland, Disney and More

The More You Know: Look how hilarious. These images from Daveland are from 1959 and 1967:
Hey, it's Twiggy!

Also, Dave has some pictures of the legendary "basketball court" (aka hoop) in the top of the Matterhorn. Scroll on down.

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Katrina said...

I honestly don't know what to believe and it's screwing with my head. This needs to be settled once and for all!

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