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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How did Where's Waldo? get started?

: where's waldo

Why: I have been playing it on my phone a lot lately. I also keep the blue one in my bathroom.

Answer: Taking inspiration from toy soldiers, creator Martin Handford grew up drawing "what were always busy and militarily correct battle scenes." After art school, he worked as a freelance illustrator specializing in drawing crowd scenes for numerous clients.

The turning point came when he was asked to create a book showcasing his singular talent, and the character Waldo was born to provide a link between each scene. "That’s who Waldo is - an afterthought," he says. "As it turns out, the fans were more interested in the character than in the crowd scenes."

The More You Know: Waldo has different names in different countries:
  • Where's Waldo? (United States)
  • Where's Waldo? (Canada)
  • ¿Dónde está Waldo? (Spanish)
  • Where's Wally? (United Kingdom)
  • ¿Dónde está Wally? (Spanish)
  • Where's Wally? (Australia)
  • On és Wally? (Catalan)
  • Waar is Wally? (Dutch)
  • Gdzie jest Wally? (Polish)
  • Onde está Wally? (Portuguese)
  • Où est Charlie? (French)
  • Wo ist Walter? (German)
  • ウォーリーをさがせ! (Japanese)
  • 尋找威利 (Chinese)
  • איפה אפי? (Eifo Effy) (Hebrew)
  • Hvar er Valli? (Icelandic)
  • Ubaldo dove sei? (Italian)
  • Hvor er Holger? (Danish)
  • Hvor er Willy? (Norwegian)
  • 월리를 찾아라 (Korean)
  • Missä Vallu? (Finland)
  • Ble mae Wali? (Wales)

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