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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What is a pelota?

: pelota

Why: In the In Touch Weekly crossword, #33 across: "Jai alai or bocce"
Answer: (Spanish: "little ball")
Any of several games in which players take turns, using a glove or implement, hitting a rubber ball either directly at one another or off a wall. The latter version is related to handball and jai alai, which are played by two or four players on one-, two-, or three-walled courts using gloves, rackets, or bats. In Spain and elsewhere, pelota is a professional sport on which spectators wager.
Source: Britannica Concise Encyclopedia

The More You Know: But wtf is jai alai? It was in the crossword last week, also, which leads me to believe that tptb at In Touch just found out about it.


kylie said...

remember when jai alai was on mad men? maybe you don't watch that show.

Carly said...

I have only seen Season 1, but I think maybe i need to watch the rest, because according to everyone's Facebook stati, the S3 finale was just about the best thing on TV.

kylie said...

yeah definitely get there. i wish i could disagree...but it really was just about the best thing on tv.

joel said...

what about proud mary wheelchair choreography on glee?

rollin... rollin... rollin..

kylie said...

just ok, i thought.

Carly said...

What about "Gold Digger" on Glee?

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