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Friday, October 23, 2009

What was Soupy Sales's real name?

: soupy sales

Why: The comedian died yesterday :( Zack loved him. Here is his review:
Soupy's show was really innovative I think. There was no audience, it was mostly ad lib, and it was just him screwing around with the crew - you hear them a lot laughing and interacting with Soupy. It was branded a "children's show" but I have no idea why, it's just him screwing around.
Answer: Milton Supman! He got his nickname from his family. His older brothers had been nicknamed "Hambone" and "Chicken Bone;" Milton was dubbed "Soup Bone," which was later shortened to "Soupy." When he became a DJ, he used the stage name Soupy Hines. After he became established, it was decided that "Hines" was too close to the Heinz soup company, so he chose the surname Sales, in part after comedian Chic Sale.

Soupy served in the US Navy during WWII. He entertained his shipmates with jokes and zany slapstick. After the war, he hosted a series of comedy / variety shows, and he got his first pie in the face on a program called "Soupy's On!" He eventually landed "The Soupy Sales Show," which featured a rapid-fire stream of comedy sketches, gags, and puns, almost all of which resulted in Sales receiving a pie in the face. He developed pie-throwing into an art form: straight to the face, on top of the head, a pie to both ears from behind, moving into a stationary pie, and countless other variations. Sales claimed that he and his visitors had been hit by more than 20,000 pies during his career.

Source: Wikipedia

The More You Know: Here is a compilation about Soupy's life to the tune of "Come Pie with Me"!

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