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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What do dyslexic people see when they read?

: what do dyslexic people see

Why: Laura on "America's Next Top Model" is dyslexic, but - as fourfour says:
Major props to Laura for barreling through and just kind of dealing with something that is undoubtedly frustrating on multiple occasions every damn day of her life. She didn't cry or throw a fit or give up or abuse a mascara wand -- she sucked it up and did what she was asked to the best of her ability. And with a smile! I'd walk around with a big fucking chip on my shoulder if every time I wanted to get takeout, the menu was a sea of movement that went, "bluhbluhbluhbluhbluhbluh." I think it says a lot about a person's character when they remain positive despite being branded with something that gives them a free pass not to.
Answer: Here are some types:
Here are others:
There are also some animated distortions here, including:
  • Blurry
  • Halo
  • Rivers
  • Seesaw
  • Shaky
  • Swirl
  • Washout
Source: Yahoo! Answers,, Irlen, Google Images

The More You Know: A few famous celebrities who had/have dyslexia:
Hans Christian Anderson, Alexander Graham Bell, Orlando Bloom, Richard Branson, George Burns, Cher, Agatha Christie, Winston Churchill, Tom Cruise, Leonardo Da Vinci, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, "Albert Einstein," Gustave Flaubert, Harrison Ford, Whoopi Goldberg, Bruce Jenner, Keira Knightley, John Lennon, Jay Leno, Vince McMahon, Keanu Reeves, Nelson Rockefeller, Charles Schwab, Andy Warhol, Robin Williams, Woodrow Wilson, William Butler Yeats

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