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Friday, September 18, 2009

Who is androgynous "Bill"?

: bill androgynous

Why: On the Kanye West douchebaggery bandwagon meme site I'mma Let You Finish:
Answer: Bill Kaulitz is the lead singer for the German glam rock band Tokio Hotel! Here is his sassy twin brother Tom, who is also in the band:
Tokio Hotel is huge in Germany (and other parts of the world), though their only song that charted in America was "Ready, Set, Go," which came in at a hot #119.

Source: Google Images,

The More You Know: Pretty:


Hannah said...

why do random blog mentions ALWAYS post that picture?

Carly said...

Who are you talking to? I've obviously never heard of these people before, so I have no idea what other random blogs post. I can only assume you mean the picture at the bottom, and the answer is probably, "Because it's 100 shades of gay."

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