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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What is an "entendre"?

: entendre

Why: I just now got the "point blank" part of Grosse Point Blank. Apparently it is a triple entendre: the main character's name is Martin Blank.

Answer: It's nothing! The term double entendre comes from French:
  • double = "double"
  • entendre = "to mean," "to understand"
Although both words are part of modern French, their use together has disappeared in modern French. The word entendre now translates to "to hear" with the connotation of "understanding."

Modern French has to such phrases as:
  • double sens = "double meaning"
  • double entente = double or equivocal meaning; a play on words
  • sous-entendre (verb) or sous-entendu (name) = "under meaning," as with a hidden meaning under the primary meaning
Source: Wikipedia

The More You Know: I was going to blog "Who wrote Grosse Point Blank?" because it is a pretty good script, but the answer was boring. Tom Jankiewicz was a one-hit wonder.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Actually, John Cusack wrote a lot of the script. He also helped write War Inc.

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