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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What tattoos does Ed Westwick have?

: ed westwick tattoo

Why: There's a shirtless picture of him in In Touch Weekly. He has something scribbled on his chester:
Answer: That one says "Heartbreak Hotel." He loves Elvis.

He also has "21g" (as in grams) and "Love Me Two Times" (the The Doors song) on one shoulder:
Also "You Make Me Feel Like the One" on the other shoulder and "I Heart Romance" (♥?) on that forearm.


The More You Know: I have to tell you that Ed got the least amount of votes for which "Gossip Girl" guy looks best shirtless. He needs to get back to Season 1 body. Or Son of Rambow body, which is the same.
UPDATE!!!!!!!! 9/15/09: He got some more!

One is a pinup and the other is some sort of feather. Hmm.

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