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Monday, July 20, 2009

What does FOB mean?

: fob

Why: The key to the bathroom at Katrina's pool is labeled FOB. The only meaning for those letters that I know are "Fresh Off the Boat," which is how my xenophobic roommate Erin used to describe most non-WASPs.

Answer: The word fob can mean:
  • Fob pocket, a small pocket in trousers or waistcoats originally intended to hold a pocket watch
  • Key fob, a medallion used to identify a key ring, or position on the ring
    • "Fob" is thus sometimes used for various small electronic security token devices
  • Watch fob, a medallion or ornament attached to a pocket watch to assist in handling
  • Fob, an ethnic term in Australian English in reference to Pacific Islanders (ie.Polynesians)

FOB or F.O.B. (the acronym) can mean:

Source: Wikipedia

The More You Know: So in terms of keys, apparently a "fob" is just a keychain. Electronic key fobs can be remote car entry thingies, little USB drives, whatever. The word fob may come from German dialects for "pocket" - fobke, fuppe - but nobody really knows.

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