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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Do wolves really get stuck together when they copulate?

: wolf copulation

Why: Kateloh saw a Discovery Channel show about Yellowstone that said wolves get "stuck together" for half an hour when they do it.

Answer: Yes! Lots of swelling goes on (especially in a special bone male wolves have called the baculum) to anchor all the reproductive parts together. The wolves remain locked in this position (doggy style?) for anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours. This ensures that the female's cubs are the genetic offspring of that one mate. She can not copulate again for 24 hours after the coupling, which nearly guarantees that her eggs will be fertilized in that time.

Source: Lioncrusher's Domain

The More You Know: During the time that they are stuck together, the wolves may turn themselves 180 degrees so they face away from each other. This is so that they can defend themselves in case of attack.

1 comment:

Hollywood Russ said...

I can't read something like that and NOT comment! Being able to turn around 180° make them able to try every position in the Wolves Karma Sutra. Also, the boy wolf doesn't have to stare at the back of his partners neck for 2 hours, and the girl wolf can kinda get the SOB of her back! Too funny.

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