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Thursday, April 30, 2009

What is Muck Sticky's real name?

: muck sticky real name

Why: Because no one is really named Muck Sticky. He was at the premiere of "Five Dollar Cover" tonight, wearing pajama pants and a big weird hat. Weirdo.

Answer: Hmm... I don't think I believe this:
murvous thrifty his mom is sheri thrifty
Source: WikiAnswers

The More You Know: Here is a video of Muck Sticky singing "The Icky Muck" at The New Daisy. Another douchebag who has achieve minor celebrity status around Memphis is Robert "Prince Mongo" Hodges (of the planet Zambodia). Doooouche chiiiiill.


Anonymous said...

His real name isn't Murvous Thrifty, you dumb-asses.

Carly said...

Go on...

Anonymous said...

his name is Muck Sticky!
he smokes the sticky icky!
from Memphis Tennessee,
he writes songs that are nifty!
now some of you wont understand a man in pajamas, singing songs about marijuana, who has a van with his face on it!
thats ok if its not for you, but the point being made is to do what you want to do!
self-expressionism at its finest folks!
dont beat on a guy for working hard to achieve his goal!
thats not proper etiquette now is it?!
most of you, who are making the accusation that M.S is a douchebag, have probably said this only because you are not able to see the crops, for the treez......
i have learned that $5 cover is also a way to help local musicians in Memphis, Tn..... too bad many other places arent able to have great people like Muck Sticky and his crew to help boost the local scene!
humanitys problem, as i see it, is being too quick to judge another....and usually having never met the person being criticized (ie: our current topic),
but from what i can figure is that, Muck Sticky would not care much either way (positive or negative) about what is being said about him online, by a few people who he doesnt even know....
he does his own thing and is obviously having a great time doing it.....
and hey man, you have to admire that.

Anonymous said...

If Muck Sticky wanted people to know his "real name" then I think he would tell you himself. It's personal information, so please regard it as such. What business is it of yours what his "real name" is?

Anonymous said...

#1. No, Muck does not like his real name put out there in the public.

#2. If you want to know about Muck, he holds a live web show with chat M-F 9:30pm CST.

Anonymous said...

His real name is Justin Osburn. It's called google people...look it up.

Carly said...

Mmm, thanks Wiki Answers 8 months later.

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