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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Was that USC hit-and-run driver caught or did she confess?

Search: marcus garfinkle

Why: All I know is that she was apprehended.

Answer: Numerous tips (driven by a $235,000 reward) led cops to the house of 30 year-old Claudia Cabrera, who had a suspended driver's license. She had been driving near USC's campus with her husband and their 7 month-old baby. At 3 AM, she ran a red light and struck Adrianna Bachan, 18, and Marcus Garfinkle, 19. Bachan died instantly. Garfinkle was thrown onto the hood of the car and carried 300 or 400 feet before a passenger (Cabrera's husband Josue Luna, 31) got out and dislodged him. He got back in the car, holding the windshield in place as they escaped.

Source: LA Times

The More You Know: Luna, described as a stocky man with a shaved head, has a 1995 conviction for carrying a concealed firearm, according to court records. Cabrera's driver's license was suspended for failing to pay traffic tickets. She is being held on $1-million bail.

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Addison Chou said...

thanks. I was curious about this but didn't get around to the googling.

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