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Thursday, April 16, 2009

How long have Band-Aids been around?

: when were band-aids invented

Why: I have a blister on my heel from wearing shoes without socks.

Answer: Since 1921! Earle Dickinson, a cotton buyer for Johnson & Johnson, invented Band-Aids in 1921. Before then, bandages consisted of separate gauze and adhesive tape cut to size. In a stroke of genius, he attached the gauze directly to the piece of tape and sprayed it all with crinoline to keep it sterile.

The More You Know: Sales of Band-Aids were slow until Johnson & Johnson decided to give Boy Scout troops free Band-Aids as a publicity stunt. By 1924, Band-Aids were machine made, sold sterilized in 1939, and made with vinyl tape in 1958.

Now the cloth ones shred and fall apart within the hour. Thanks for nothing, Band-Aid Brand.

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